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All Products

All Products

Belly is a brand created by animal lovers, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs.

All Products

Dental Care Spray
No Stress Spray
No Tears
Clean Ears
Paw & Nose Cream
Activated Charcoal
Detangling Spray
Oatmeal Shampoo
Leave-in Conditioner
Anti Fleas Spray
Shine Conditioner
Salmon Oil
Wound Care Spray
Green Tea Shampoo
Anti Mites Spray
Neat Dog Fragrance Peach Blossom
Dirty Dog Shampoo Peach Blossom
Hemp Oil
Neat Dog Fragrance Vanilla & Orange
Dirty Dog Shampoo Lavender & Pampelmousse
Poop Bags
Bye Bye Pet Hair
Neat Dog Fragrance Chamomile & Frangipani
Neat Dog Fragrance Lavender & Pampelmousse
Office Survival Kit
All You Need Set
Cotton Leash
Cotton Collar
Cotton Harness
Bag Dispenser
No Itch Spray
Daily Care Set
Puppy Set
Naughty Set
Urine Stop Spray
Odour & Stain Remover
Cosy Set
Biodegradable Poo Bags - 15 Rolls - 225 bags
Elegant Dog Bed

Products benefits


We don't conduct any animal testing


Recycled packaging to support the environment


We want to ensure the best future for pets, their owners and the planet


All products from Belly have been manufactured, tested and packed in the heart of Germany

Let the results do the talking

Product: Paw & Nose Cream

High five for the softest paws In town! 🐾 Finally, a vegan nose and paw balm that is completely natural and helps keep me happy and healthy!



We both love them and recommend them with all our heart ❤️


Product: Clean Ears

This is just fantastic! Lua accepted it without rebelling and it finally allows me to clean her ears easily.


Bath Time
Product: Oatmeal Shampoo

This brand changed my dog's life... knowing that these are vegan puts my mind at rest that no chemicals are going into my pup's system.


Problem Solver
Product: No Stress Spray

It gives a feeling of comfort and it smells so good of Lavender 🌸💜 & Chamomile 🌼


Bath Time

We’ve loved the products, the shampoo left his skin perfect! And the conditioner made her coat so shiny ✨


Product: Salmon Oil

This salmon oil is a miracle. His fur is shiny and soft after using it for 3 months.


Bath Time

I have never smelled better!! All because of the neat dog fragrance. We absolutely love it!


Bath Time

Everything was awesome - your products, the service. You gave me a happier pup! 🤍


Bath Time

Amazed by the incredibly good smell and soft hair! Very high product quality! Love the Jojoba beads🐶


Bath Time
Product: Oatmeal Shampoo

Finally effective shampoo for sensitive skin. Recommend!


Product: Cotton Collar

Fits great. Beautiful color combinations of orange with olive green.


Product: Wound Care Spray

This product worked very well. It protects the little wounds immediately. Highly recommend.



Helped with my dog‘s sensitive tummy 👌


Product: Paw & Nose Cream

Best nourishing cream for dry paws! 💧