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Rapidly reduces bad breath



Dental Care Spray

Vegan spray for healthier teeth & gums with Peppermint, R...

No Stress Spray

Plant-based calming anti stress dog spray with Chamomile ...

Clean Ears

Simple & effective dog ear cleaning spray with Aloe Vera ...

Paw & Nose Cream

Super moisturizing paw and nose cream with Shea Butter an...

Activated Charcoal

Delicious food supplement based on Activated Charcoal

Detangling Spray

Powerful leave-in spray for easy combing with Magnesium a...

Oatmeal Shampoo

Gentle moisturising dog shampoo with Oatmeal and Aloe Vera

Anti Fleas Spray

Long lasting natural flea repellent with Geranium, Lavend...

Shine Conditioner

Ultra nourishing dog conditioner for silky fur with Cucum...

Salmon Oil

Organic salmon oil supplement rich in Omega 3 and 6 and EPA

Green Tea Shampoo

Refreshing shampoo for all dog fur types with Green Tea a...

Wound Care Spray

Plant-based antiseptic spray for dogs with Chamomile and ...

Mini No Stress Spray

Plant-based calming anti stress dog spray with Chamomile ...

Neat Dog Fragrance Peach Blossom

Natural refreshing dog perfume with Peach and Aloe Vera

Mini Neat Dog Lavender & Pampelmousse

Mini Green Tea Shampoo

Dirty Dog Shampoo Peach Blossom

Deep cleansing shampoo for short fur with Jojoba Beads an...

Anti Mites Spray

Natural mites repellent with Geranium, Lavender and Citru...

Hemp Oil

COSMOS certified and Organic food supplement rich in Omeg...

Neat Dog Fragrance Vanilla & Orange

Natural refreshing dog perfume with Vanilla and Orange

Mini Neat Dog Vanilla & Orange

Dirty Dog Shampoo Lavender & Pampelmousse

Deep cleansing shampoo for short fur with Jojoba Beads an...

Bye Bye Pet Hair

Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller

Poop Bags

One box contains 30 rolls of 15 bags for a total of 450 bags

Mini Oatmeal Shampoo

Neat Dog Fragrance Chamomile & Frangipani

Natural refreshing dog perfume with Frangipani and Chamomile

Neat Dog Fragrance Lavender & Pampelmousse

Natural refreshing dog perfume with Lavender and Pamplemo...

Mini Neat Dog Frangipani

No Itch Spray No Itch Spray NEW
No Itch Spray

Anti-itch spray with Oat Protein and Chamomile

Travel Essential Set

Mini Neat Dog Peach

All You Need Set

No Tears No Tears NEW
No Tears

Gentle and fast dog tear stain remover with Aloe Vera and...

Cotton Leash

Strong and smooth leash with cushioned loop handle for co...

Cotton Harness

Lightweight and durable dog harness made for all-day outd...

Cotton Collar

Comfortable & soft to protect your dogs sensitive fur

Urine Stop Spray

Natural Urine repellent

Bag Dispenser

Compact, easy to carry and simple to recharge

Odour & Stain Remover

Natural Home Cleaning Spray

Daily Care Set

Neat Dog Fresh Cotton Neat Dog Fresh Cotton NEW
Neat Dog Fresh Cotton

Cologne & leave-in conditioner

Puppy Set

Naughty Set

Chew Stop Spray Chew Stop Spray NEW
Chew Stop Spray

Bitter Aroma Spray

Jingle Belly

Special X-Mas Edition Spray

Biodegradable Poo Bags - 15 Rolls - 225 bags

The box contains 15 rolls of 15 bags each - Total of 225 ...

Cosy Set

Elegant Dog Bed

Cosy and modern dog bed for ultimate comfort and rest